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This is a picture of the Galilee boat as it is on display in the Yigal Allan Center.

This is the faculty page of Shelley Wachsmann at A&M University.

This is a clip from an article in Biblical Archaeological Review showing the Location of the Galilee Boat Excavation

Shelley Wachsmann, Texas A&M University
Co-sponsored by the Archaeological Institute of America

In 1986, a 2,000-year-old boat was discovered in Israel on the banks of the Sea of Galilee. The vessel is representative of the large fishing boats…

This is an image of the excavation of the Galilee Boat. Here, excavators are suspended over the fragile artifact while they carefully remove mud.

This are some of the artifacts found along with the Galilee Boat at the excavation site.

The Galilee Boat is submerged in mud.

Men are suspended over the boat to delicately excavate the boat without damaging it.

The boat's various sections are tagged for further review and research.

The Galilee Boat is coated in Polyurethane and lifted out of the sea by crane.
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