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This is the faculty page of Shelley Wachsmann at A&M University.

Image of an early scroll

A photograph of the Caiaphas Ossuary as it is displayed in its cabinet in the Israel Museum, Jerusalem

This is a clip from an article in Biblical Archaeological Review showing the Location of the Galilee Boat Excavation

The Galilee Boat is coated in Polyurethane and lifted out of the sea by crane.

This is a map image from a Jerusalem Perspective article which shows that the Caiaphas Ossuary was discovered in the southeastern part of Jerusalem.

It is impossible to study ‘The Garden Tomb’ without the question of its authenticity arising as many support the view that the resting place of Christ was in fact ‘The Church of The Holy Sepulchre’, however, there is evidence‚Ķ

This are some of the artifacts found along with the Galilee Boat at the excavation site.

This is a photograph of the Caiaphas Ossuary that was discovered
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